Street Photography in NYC

New York.
The Big Apple.
A mix of culture: Latin, Anglo, and African and Asian.
Every corner of the city is starting a photo, each person has a story to tell.
New York is the center of the world.
New York is a natural museum of popular culture.

God bless America

Come in. We’re Open!!!

Ferrey from New Jersey to Manhattan

Guy in SoHo

Home Sweet Home

Million Hoodie March

Million Hoodie March.
Obama said : If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.
Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old black boy killed by a white policeman, George Zimmerman, as he returned home with the hood of his sweatshirt pulled down over his head.
From recordings of the calls would appear that the Zimmermann murder of Martin occurred in cold blood and without any action threatening or violent guy.
The picture was taken during the protest march called Million March Hoodie, where most of the protesters wore a hoodie to commemorate the clothing Trayvon Martin at the time of the murder.
The protests are directed in particular against the management of the affair by the police and authorities, in particular the fact that Zimmerman was not arrested: according to many protesters, Zimmerman would be treated with special attention just because it’s a white man. It ‘s clear the state of tension during the event.

Poverty and Nobility

Looking to…


Weege in the ’20s he photographed the dead body of a Chinese man in front of this door killed in the wars between clans of the Chinese mafia and Italian. Is she the granddaughter of the murdered man?

Waiting for the Subway

“The Cage”

New York City Taxi

New York City Taxi